All the stuff I made in 2013-2014

So it turns out 2014 was not the year for blog posts over here, was it?  I think it all started at the beginning of the year when I planned to put a post together of all my projects from the previous year, now we’re talking about the 2013 makes, and then, when I couldn’t get all the pictures in one place (all on various phones, computers, external hard drives) it all became too hard.  So here is a collage of all the things I made in the previous 2 years!! (it has taken me the whole day to find all these pictures and even take some I didn’t have shots of.  Oh, and I actually still have to photograph 4 more dresses!!)


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Happy Stripey Quilt Tutorial

I made a new quilt for the recent Stitches and Craft Show and promised I’d write about it here.  A little tutorial if you will.

Fat Eighth Quilt - featuring Tsuru from Rashinda Coleman-Hale

Fat Eighth Quilt – featuring Tsuru from Rashinda Coleman-Hale

The point of this quilt was to showcase this amazing fabric by Rashida Coleman-Hale – the line is called Tsuru, 100% Organic cotton – heavenly.  And also to be able to put something together fairly quickly.  It’s simple and effective, my kind of quilt!!

The requirements are:

10 Fat 1/8s – 9 x 22inches

50cm linen (140cm wide) – I used Essex Wide in Flax – 140cm wide

40cm binding fabric

3m backing fabric

1.45m x 1.45m piece of batting

1/4 inch seam allowance used throughout.

1. Sub cut each fat 1/8th piece into three 3 x 22 inch strips.  You will have 30 strips in total.

2. Take one of each kind of fabric (10) and lay out as desired.  Sew long end to long end.  Then, cut this in half along the length so you have 2 rows, each 10 strips x 11inches approx. and sew together on the long ends so you now have a long row consisting of 20 11 x 3 inch strips. Press well.

3. Repeat step 2 two more times.

4. Sub cut the linen so you have 2 long 25cm strips.

5. For the layout, select one stripey panel, followed by a linen strip, another stripey, then linen and then the last stripey panel – as pictured. Sew strips together, press well and there you have your quilt top!

6. Cut backing into two pieces, each 1.5m long and sew together along the selvedges. Press.

7. Baste and quilt as desired.  I just used straight line quilting at 1 3/8th intervals (very arbitrary!)

8. Lastly, bind your quilt.  Cut the binding fabric into 2 1/2 inch strips and then take a look at this tutorial if you’re unsure how to complete the binding – it’s my favourite tutorial for binding, simple to understand.



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May Blossom Patterns – by Simone Gooding

I have been lucky enough to have Simone Gooding’s original samples from her patterns these last couple of months.  They are so beautiful I can’t stop looking at them.  You may have seen them at the Craft and Quilt Fair in Melbourne in July, or possibly at the Warragul Quilt Show last month – if you did, you know how amazing they are!

They will be on display with me one final time at the Stitches and Craft show coming up at the Caulfield Racecourse – Thursday 24 to Sunday 27 October.  Doors are open 10-4.30pm – Sew Materialistic is on stand 142.

And the best news is that Simone will be joining me on the stand Saturday and Sunday to field any questions and take compliments!!  As a retailer I love getting to meet my customers at these shows but that isn’t something Simone gets to do as often, so we are both really looking forward to meeting old customers and new and gushing over her gorgeous creations!

As many people have requested, we will now be selling 100% wool felt kits to make up some of the patterns at the Stitches and Craft Show – Jumbleberry Santas, Sugar Plum Medallions, Thistledown Rabbits, Meep and Three Little Kittens.  We will also be selling some individual felt so you can choose your own colours.

Can’t wait to see you there!!
Sarah xxoo


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Juggle Quilt with Happy Go Lucky

We finished up at the Craft and Quilt Fair in Melbourne a few weeks ago and I’ve unpacked everything, counted stock and taken some photos of one of the quilts I made for the show.

IMG_0571 IMG_0573

Juggle Quilt in Happy Go Lucky

Juggle Quilt in Happy Go Lucky – Pattern by Thimble Blossoms and fabric by Bonnie & Camille

This was a really fun quilt to make – using the new precuts from Moda. The pattern is Juggle – available in the shop This was the fastest I have ever put together a quilt – it took about 3 days to piece, quilt and bind – and I did it all myself!!  Apparently it took Camille Roskelley 2 hours to make the quilt top!!!  Don’t think I’m quite there yet!!

What have you been making?

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HST quilt for Nina

I’m so slack here lately.  I have been doing things though!  Recently I finished this little quilt for my daughter Nina, for her birthday.

Penny really wants to be in the photos.


I made this quilt from one pack of flannel Marmalade charm squares and some left over strips from a jelly roll, the one I use to make this. The back is also a flannel as Nina said she wanted something that was cozy.  I have not yet gotten over my aversion to machine quilting so I hand quilted this.  Even though I was doing it at the last minute (what’s new!!) I do actually enjoy just sitting and hand stitching, same with sewing the binding on.

Still quilting Elliott’s (his birthday has been and gone) and also a little quilting to do on my niece’s for her birthday in 2 weeks – that one should be done in time!  More pics soon!

Sarah xxxooo


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February Makes

So much for blogging weekly!  It’s practically Easter -don’t ask me what I’ve been doing – who knows but I run around like a crazy person, stay up late and pass out every night from exhaustion.

Anyway, I’ve made a couple of little things which has been fun.

First up I did some mini bunting from The Simple Life range by Tasha Noel – painstakingly slow, I have no idea why.  Super easy and fun – great result.

Okay, last one!

Then I had a crazy 2 day deadline to make my first Dresden Plate pillow – again, I used the same fabric because, well, it’s just so cute.

You can clearly tell I haven’t done one of these before, but I was pretty happy with the outcome.  I stitched it on by hand to a linen fabric backing.It turned out pretty big – a size 22 cushion insert was required – so about 22 inches!  It’s now adorning a friend’s bed in Townsville.  I plan on making another using the smaller template which uses 20 blades.  I think I’m going to use the same fabric, call me crazy!

My kids birthdays are coming up so I’m starting on some simple half square triangle quilts for them – I need the practice.  Not sure if anyone else has the issue of doing all the sewing and folding out the square to discover it’s not really square at all.  All tips and advice are welcome!

Sarah xxx

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Happy-Go-Lucky is here!

I have actually been doing quite a bit of sewing this week, and I will get back to you really soon on that, but this is just to up date that we now have some of Bonnie and Camille’s new line Happy Go Lucky – charm packs to start off!  Australia is pretty lucky as we get the first lot of precuts ahead of the US even!  They are limited though and will restock when the yardage comes in May – so be quick!  We are getting quite a bit of yardage – especially the navy – who doesn’t love a good navy?!

The very tempting photos of the fat quarter bundle is not available for sale – just a little tease really – but if anyone is interested in a fat quarter or fat eighth bundle let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Happy Sewing,



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Summer Holidays

What have you all been up to on these fine Summer holidays?  We’ve been on a few little trips about Victoria which have been nice.  Just after Christmas we headed up to Creswick, just in between Daylesford and Ballarat, and had a really lovely time.  We went to Sovreign Hill, my first trip in about 25 years, and it was amazing.  I think Sergei and I appreciated it more than the kids, so amazing to see how life was over 150 years ago.

Here’s a little of the magic we saw.

Sergei was very determined when panning for gold.  After we had a little lesson he actually found a decent little piece.  Nothing like the enormous nugget found in Ballarat this week though!

I love these last 3.  And here’s one of me with a friendly horse – they are so beautiful.

I have a few other pictures of the amazing cottage garden at Sovreign Hill which I will do a post on later in the week.  Photo overload already!  All these pics care of Sergei.

On a sewing update, I have cut out my 3 of 4 blocks from my Mystery block of the month, and plan to do some sewing tonight.  I also have a gift to make (and a deadline – love those deadlines) so will be cutting into my beautiful The Simple Life fabrics from Tasha and making some bunting, a little different from the usual, and I’m thinking a bib too.  So stay tuned for some actual sewing!!

Sarah xxx

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A resolution or two and makes from 2012

*Sovreign Hill Garden

I have lofty hopes for this year. I never make resolutions, or maybe just one but I don’t tell anyone.  This year I have tonnes, but I really hope/believe that I can achieve them all.  I am turning 40 so maybe that’s a big catalyst, but also I have just gotten a bit lazy with myself and my health and I always get to a critical point where something must be done – and that time is now!

So here’s a few of the things that will be going on over here this year:

– eat better
– ride beautiful bike more
– walk dog more
– blog weekly
– sew at least weekly
– work on business
– eat out less
– go to Spotlight a lot less!

I also have many aspirations in the sewing department.  I want to:

– take some classes to learn new skills – like this one
– make some hexies
– finish the hand-pieced quilt my Mum started over 20 years ago by putting together and hand-quilting.
– make up some new patterns

Here’s a review of my projects from the last year.  I am really proud of what I have achieved this year.  I learnt to quilt!  I have sold fabric for ages but strangely enough never actually had much interest in quilting.  But after discovering Camille Roskelley’s blog – Simplify – I am hooked.

Here are some of my makes from 2012:

What do you have planned for 2013?  Do tell!

Happy Sewing,

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Gettin’ things done

Well, sort of.  I was pretty good to myself a while back – her are some little goodies I picked up at Treehouse Textiles.

The perle thread is to hand quilt the pin wheels quilt from the last post.  I still haven’t started and it’s going to be a Christmas present!!  The little bits of Liberty I bought, well, just ’cause they’re so pretty, and I’m thinking I might actually make some hair clips for my daughter and I.  I feel like a bad mother sometimes when I see that she does not have one pretty hair clip to her name – even though I sell hundreds of them.  Bad.

I bought that beautiful big piece of Liberty for myself to make a little camisole top.  The fabric is just so amazing I couldn’t resist.

I’m plugging along with my Chistmas preparations, just two quilts to quilt!  Eeek!!  And I’ve never hand quilted before.  Can’t be that hard right?  Any tips?  Things I definitely should or shouldn’t do?

Hope you are enjoying this festive season and finding some time to relax and be creative.

Also, just to let you know for all December purchases from the store you will receive a voucher for 25% off your purchase in January (discount can be applied for the month of January only folks – discount code will be emailed Jan.1).

Happy Sewing,

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